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Plentiful Work

Bizza is powered by unserviced leads from the Bizza, currently around 200,000 per year.

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Exclusive Leads

You only pay for a lead if the customer chooses you.
They cannot choose anyone else until you have had a chance to quote

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High Quality Leads

Customers select by star ratings and reviews, not the cheapest price. They can only pick one at a time.

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Low Cost

No sign-up fees, monthly fees or yearly fees and free to leave at any time.  Pay a base lead fee and receive up to 3 free leads on signup (if there is no competition).

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Become a Premium Provider

Top-rated contractors will gain special privileges and pay less for leads. We want to link the best contractors with clients who will pay more for good service.

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Bizza is Powered by Jim’s

Bizza is Australia’s largest franchise system, with nearly 4,000 franchisees in four countries. 

We focus on premium service, not cheap prices, so around three quarters of all our leads result in work done. We want to offer these same quality leads to you.

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How Bizza came to be

Demand for Bizza services has risen over the years, until about one in four leads is now unserviced.

So as not to disappoint customers, we want quality contractors to help service them.
Thus, in 2018, Bizza was born.

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