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Bizza is the smart choice for reputable contractors like you.

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The easier way to get quality leads

If a customer selects you to quote, you get exclusive access to that customer. For up to two hours.

That means the customer is waiting to hear from you – and only you. Say goodbye to price wars and low-quality leads.
Say hello to customers who count.

And although you’ll have up to two hours to call a customer, we suggest you do so even sooner!
What better way to prove your professionalism and make the perfect first impression?

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Reward for remarkable work
If you’re a premium service provider that always does great work, you’re going to love Bizza. That’s because the higher your customer ratings, the more desirable you’ll be to customers. So the sooner you start winning leads and completing jobs on Bizza, the sooner you can start collecting those glowing reviews and high ratings!

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Your leads, your choice
With Bizza, you’re always in control of the leads you receive and when you receive them.
That’s because you can vary your bids according to how much you want to pay for leads in different suburbs and for different services

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Fairer billing
With Bizza, you only pay for a lead when that customer selects you to quote. So if you’re not selected, you’re not billed. Simple.
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And remember, the sooner you get started on Bizza, the sooner you’ll win jobs, build your ranking… and become the top service provider in your area.

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