YES.  When registering, you enter your home suburb and then you are able to set a kilometre radius of that suburb.  We suggest keeping our leads close to home so that the leads we send you are easy for you to service.  For example, even if you travel 50kms for your own business, keep our leads to a distance that makes it easy for you to quote etc.  We understand you have your own customers to look after and don’t want you to have to drive long distances to quote jobs etc.  A good rule of thumb is to imagine how far you would be happy to travel for a small job – set your radius to this distance.

Once you have set your radius, all the suburbs within that distance will show up on the right-hand side of the page.  Click SELECT ALL.  When your account is completed, you can log onto your account and go to the SERVICES tab to see all the suburbs listed.  If there are any you’d like to delete, simply tick the box next to all the ones you’d like to remove and click the bin icon at the top of the page to remove them.