YES.  You are the only person receiving the lead so you must call every lead we send as the customer is waiting for you.  If you don’t call, you risk receiving a bad rating.  We close any account that receives 2 x 1-star ratings for no contact so it is extremely important to call.

Tips on making every lead you receive, one you want.

  • Keep your radius close to home. Even if you travel 50km for your own business, keep our leads close to home.  We don’t want you to have to drive long distances to do a quote as we understand you have your own customers to look after, therefore reduce your radius so that every lead you receive is easy for you to service.  Not sure what radius to set?  A good rule of thumb is to imagine the smallest possible job you could get – how far would you be happy to travel to do such a job?  Set you radius to that limit.
  • Only offer services you want to do. Just because you are able to do multiple services, doesn’t mean you have to offer them all.  Offer services that are easy for you or that you enjoy doing, so every lead that comes to you is one you are happy to do.
  • Switch your leads off when you are busy and don’t need the work. You are in control of when you get leads, so if you are busy, switch them off.

By following these points, you will be happy with every lead that comes through and will be happy to accept each one.