YES.  You are paying for the customers information, whether that becomes a job or not.  But if you follow the below tips, you will greatly increase the chances of converting the leads we send as you are the only contractor receiving the lead.

  • Call all customers within the two-hour timeframe – the sooner you call, the greater your chance of converting.
  • ALWAYS send a backup text message if the customer doesn’t answer. Customers may not listen to their voice messages for days but will always see a text.  An example of a text could be:

‘Hi Mary, it’s John from John’s Mowing.  I received your details from Jim’s.  Please call me on 0411111111. Thanks’

  • If the customer doesn’t reply to your message or text, try once more within a 12-hour period – another call, left message and text. If an email is provided, send an email also.

There are a few situations where we offer free leads to cover leads that don’t convert.  Please see the below REFUND POLICY.