Your star rating is extremely important and determines the amount of leads you receive.  If there are other independent contractors in your area, the lead will always be sent to the one with the highest star rating.

At Bizza we deactivate any account that receives 2 x 1-star ratings for not calling the customer.  Also, any account that falls below 3.8 stars.

A rating survey is automatically sent to every customer we send you whether you do the work or not.  This is so we can find out if customers are being called.  The number 1 reason for bad ratings is the customer not being contacted – don’t let this happen to you.  You are the only person receiving this lead and the customer is waiting for your call.

If the customer doesn’t answer, ALWAYS send a backup text message as customers may not listen to their messages for days but will always see a text.  This will help you convert more leads. An example of the text could be:

‘Hi Mary, it’s John from John’s Mowing.  I received your details from Jim’s.  Please call me on 0411111111. Thanks’

Have this saved on your phone so it’s quick and easy for you to send to any customer who doesn’t answer.

You can also proactively send a rating survey to the customer when you complete the work.  To do this, log onto your account and go to LEADS INFO then select LEADS.  Find the customer you are with and click the blue ASK FOR RATING tab.  This will immediately send the customer a survey to rate you.  If you do this on the day the job is complete, you greatly increase your chance of them filling it out.

If the customer hasn’t provided an email or mobile number, please ask them to text you a rating out of 5 and you can send that rating to 0466 390 594 – with the customers name and suburb and we will enter it for you.

Also see FAQ – ‘What do I do if I get a Customer Complaint’