We only give the lead to one contractor but the call centre is shown up to 4 contractors to choose from (if there are that many in that area).  The 4 contractors shown are the ones with the highest star rating and who are paying the most for the lead fee.  Star rating takes precedence over price paid up until 4.6 stars.  For example, if there are 5 contractors, the 4 shown to the call centre will have the highest star rating – if they all have a star rating of 4.6 or above, the 4 paying the highest lead fee will be shown.  If there is a contractor who has a 4-star rating and is paying more for a lead than someone with a 5-star rating, the 5-star rated contractor will get the lead.

To find out if someone is paying more for a lead fee in your area, go to the SERVICES page.  If any of your suburbs/services boxes are red, this means you are unlikely to get leads due to either a) there being a franchisee in the area, or b) a Bizza contractor is paying more for the lead.  To find out, hover over the red bid – if a message comes up saying ‘chances of leads in this area are low’ it means a franchisee is available and it doesn’t matter what your bid price is, they will always get the lead.  If there isn’t a message, click on the blue pen icon and it will say the current lead fee being paid by another contractor.  You don’t have to match this price and you may still receive leads at the lower price you are paying if this contractor receives his lead quota for the day or switches his leads off.

To be automatically notified of any time someone outbids you, log onto your account and go to the NOTIFICATIONS box on the homepage and set the toggle to ON.