Green suburbs/services mean you are able to receive leads for those areas/services.

Red suburbs/services mean there aren’t leads available at that time.

If you hover over the red bid box, you will either see a message that says ‘chances of leads low in this area’ which means there are enough franchisees in that area servicing the leads.  No matter how much you bid, you won’t receive leads here as franchisees always take precedence.  Having said that, this can change at any time.  If that franchisee switches his leads off – on the weekend for example – these red bids will turn green.

Some red boxes don’t show this message.  This means there is a Bizza contractor in the area paying a higher price for that lead.  You can click the blue pen icon to see what the current lead fee is.  You don’t have to pay this price and you may still receive leads in this area at the lower price you are offering if this contractor switches his leads off or reaching his lead quota for the day.