There are no monthly, sign up or ongoing fees – contractors only pay a lead fee.

Lead fees vary depending on the service provided and range from $20 to $67. Please call the office on 1300 462 589 and we will let you know the price of your service.

Leads are sent to you while the customer is still on the phone to the call centre, so franchisees have no opportunity to see the lead and accept or reject it.

If a customer calls and a franchisee is available in that area, the lead goes to the franchisee. If there isn’t a franchisee available in the area, the lead goes to a Bizza contractor.

The reasons why a franchisee isn’t available can be either: there isn’t one in the area or they are too busy and have switched their leads off.

If a franchisee has their leads switched on, the leads go to them – if they are switched off, it comes to Bizza.

Either because we don’t have a franchisee in the area or they have their leads swtiched off.

Many franchisees reach their capacity with regular work and are unable to take on more leads so they switch off. So even if you know your area has franchisees, it doesn’t mean they are taking on new work.

Many franchisees don’t accept leads after hours or on the weekend, this is a great opportunity for Bizza contractors to receive leads in areas where there are enough franchisees available.

Our call centre is open from 6am – 9pm 7 days a week, so it’s well worth making yourself available these times so you don’t miss any leads. You availability relates to when you can call a customer – not when you can work or quote.

YES. We only give the lead to you which is why it is so important that you call every customer within the two-hour timeframe. If you don’t call them, no one else will and they will most likely give you a one star rating.

YES.  You are the only person receiving the lead so you must call every lead we send as the customer is waiting for you.  If you don’t call, you risk receiving a bad rating.  We close any account that receives 2 x 1-star ratings for no contact so it is extremely important to call.

Tips on making every lead you receive, one you want.

  • Keep your radius close to home. Even if you travel 50km for your own business, keep our leads close to home.  We don’t want you to have to drive long distances to do a quote as we understand you have your own customers to look after, therefore reduce your radius so that every lead you receive is easy for you to service.  Not sure what radius to set?  A good rule of thumb is to imagine the smallest possible job you could get – how far would you be happy to travel to do such a job?  Set you radius to that limit.
  • Only offer services you want to do. Just because you are able to do multiple services, doesn’t mean you have to offer them all.  Offer services that are easy for you or that you enjoy doing, so every lead that comes to you is one you are happy to do.
  • Switch your leads off when you are busy and don’t need the work. You are in control of when you get leads, so if you are busy, switch them off.

By following these points, you will be happy with every lead that comes through and will be happy to accept each one.

When you visit the customer for the first time, be sure to give them your business card and ask them to call you directly.

If they call the call centre and the lead is resent to you, still call the customer to let them know you have spoken to them before. It’s important to still call as they may not realise they have spoken to you before and may give you a negative rating for not calling. Then let us know and we will be able to offer a free lead for this.

Leads are sent to you via text and email. The text says BIZZA LEAD with the customer’s name, number, suburb and lead description. The email has the full street address and any notes that are on the job. If you log onto your account and go to LEADS INFO, then LEADS, you can also find the customer information and any alternative number the customer may have left.

You are able to close your account at any time. We want Bizza to work for your business and for you to be happy with your account. If it isn’t working for you, please let us know by emailing or calling 1300 462 589 and we will close your account.

For two reasons.

Firstly, you are the only one receiving the lead and the customer is waiting for your call. We have told the customer your name and told them you will call them within the next two hours. It reflects badly on your business and ours if you don’t follow through on this promise.

Secondly, our research shows that after two hours, customers start looking elsewhere. Having said that, conversion rates increase by over 60% if you call within 15mins. So, the quicker you call, the higher the chance of you converting the lead into paying work.

We understand that you are also working and sometimes it may not be possible to call in this timeframe, if that’s the case, switch your leads off until you are able to.

You can change the timeframe on your profile. Log onto your account and go to ACCOUNT/DETAILS and scroll to the SETTINGS box at the bottom of the page. Go to CALLBACK TIME and select your desired time from the dropdown menu. Selecting a shorter timeframe will increase the chance of the customer waiting for your call – if a customer is told someone will call them within 15mins, they are more likely to wait that if they are told someone will call within 2 hours.

But if you are changing this, be sure you are able to adhere to your promise.

You are not expected to quote within two hours but we expect that you call every customer within two hours to organise a quote.

Switch your leads off. You are in full control of when you receive leads so you can switch them on when your business is quiet and switch them off when you’re busy. If you know that you have a busy day ahead and won’t be able to contact customers in the two hours, switch your leads off until you can. It’s easy and takes less than one minute.

Log onto your account. Go to ACCOUNT then DETAILS. Then scroll down to the SETTINGS box and switch leads OFF. If you have an end date in mind, you can pause your leads and they will automatically start again on the date you set. Be sure to save the calendar date or it won’t work.

If for any reason, you find Bizza leads aren’t beneficial, please call our office on 1300 462 589 to see if there are any tweaks we can make to your account such as reducing/extending your radius or removing/adding services.

The customer has been told your name and they are expecting your call – still it is worth mentioning you received their details from Jim’s on the first call so they can connect you to their call to us. Sometimes they may have called a few places so this will help them identify you.

If they don’t answer, leave a message and send a backup text saying something like ‘Hi Mary, it’s John from Action Mowing. I received your details from Jim’s. Please call me on 0411111111 to discuss your job.’

YES. We have told the customer that a franchisee isn’t available but have asked them if they are happy to receive a call from you – an independent contractor. If the customer says no, we don’t pass the lead on. Every customer you receive knows your name, that you’re independent and they have chosen to go ahead with you.

Via email to – we will answer all emails within 2 hours during business hours.

Call the office on 1300 462 589.

Our Office Hours are 8am-5pm Mon AEST and 9am – 3pm Saturdays and most public holidays.

Please call the customer as quickly as possible (within 2 hours) of receiving the lead.  The quicker you call, the more chance they’ll pick up.  If they don’t answer:

  • Leave a voice message;
  • ALWAYS send a backup text message – most customers don’t listen to their voice messages but will always see a text – this will help you convert more leads;
  • Send an email (if email address provided)
  • Some customers leave a backup number – this will be listed on your account on the LEADS INFO/LEADS page – try calling it.
  • If they don’t reply, repeat the above process within 12 hours.

YES. The customer knows you are an independent contractor so you quote your prices. They haven’t been given a price estimate so you are charging your own prices and promoting your own business.

YES. You quote and invoice customers directly and they pay you directly, just as with any other customer you have.  When sending quotes:

  • Either call or text the customer to let them know the quote has been sent. Ask them to check their junk folder if they don’t receive it.
  • Follow up with the customer 24-48 hours after the quote is sent to see if they are happy to book in a time to do the job.

YES. You send the invoice directly to the customer as with any of your other customers. If you are having trouble getting payment from the customer, follow your normal methods of debt collection. We are able to red flag any customer who doesn’t pay so they aren’t sent to any other franchisees or contractors in the future, but we can’t make them pay you.

Call the customer first and let them know you can’t assist them.

Then call us and let us know the issue so we can fix it. If it is a problem on our end, we will give you a free lead to cover it. You must let us know of any issues within the two hour timeframe so we can try and find a suitable contractor for the customer. We don’t issue free leads after two hours.

Our franchisees don’t charge a call out fee so our customers don’t expect to pay one. Having said that, you are your own business owner and the customer knows you aren’t a franchisee. If you do charge a call out fee, be sure to make that clear on the initial phone call to the customer BEFORE you attend. You may find that some customers decide not to proceed due to this while other customers won’t mind. If you find charging a fee is losing you customers, you have the choice of either not charging it or closing your account. We find that most customers don’t mind but see how it works for you.

We receive a small amount of leads via online bookings from our website. These customers can choose as many different categories as they like but due to space contraints, we can only list the first one they choose.

If you have received a lead for a service you don’t offer – please still call the customer as they have also ticked a service that you do offer. Speak to them and let them know what services you provide and see if you are able to assist. A common one is gutter cleaners getting leads for mowing. The customer has chosen mowing and gutter cleaning, so still always call and see if you can assist.

If you call and the customer doesn’t require your service, let us know.

YES.  You are paying for the customers information, whether that becomes a job or not.  But if you follow the below tips, you will greatly increase the chances of converting the leads we send as you are the only contractor receiving the lead.

  • Call all customers within the two-hour timeframe – the sooner you call, the greater your chance of converting.
  • ALWAYS send a backup text message if the customer doesn’t answer. Customers may not listen to their voice messages for days but will always see a text.  An example of a text could be:

‘Hi Mary, it’s John from John’s Mowing.  I received your details from Jim’s.  Please call me on 0411111111. Thanks’

  • If the customer doesn’t reply to your message or text, try once more within a 12-hour period – another call, left message and text. If an email is provided, send an email also.

There are a few situations where we offer free leads to cover leads that don’t convert.  Please see the below REFUND POLICY.


We offer free leads in the following instances ONLY if we are notified within the two-hour timeframe. If there is an issue outside business hours, email us
at within two hours and we will action it the next business day.

We do issue free leads for:
• Staff error – if the contact details or service are incorrect;
• Double up lead – if you receive the same customer twice;
• Same day booking – unless you have selected to offer same day.

We don’t issue free leads if:
• The suburb or service is incorrectly listed. It is your responsibility to
ensure your account is set up correctly;
• If the customer doesn’t accept your quote;
• The customer doesn’t return your call – please follow the below process:
1. Call as quickly as possible within two hours;
2. If they don’t answer, leave a backup text message saying who you are and that you are trying to contact them;
3. Call them again within 6 hours (sometimes they are working and can’t answer your first call/text)
4. Send a second back up text if no answer.
5. Email them if an email is provided

YES. When registering, you enter your home suburb and then you are able to set a kilometre radius of that suburb. We suggest keeping our leads close to home so that the leads we send you are easy for you to service. For example, even if you travel 50kms for your own business, keep our leads to a distance that makes it easy for you to quote etc. We understand you have your own customers to look after and don’t want you to have to drive long distances to quote jobs etc. A good rule of thumb is to imagine how far you would be happy to travel for a small job – set your radius to this distance.

Once you have set your radius, all the suburbs within that distance will show up on the right-hand side of the page. Click SELECT ALL. When your account is completed, you can log onto your account and go to the SERVICES tab to see all the suburbs listed. If there are any you’d like to delete, simply tick the box next to all the ones you’d like to remove and click the bin icon at the top of the page to remove them.

YES. Each division has multiple sub-categories or services listed within it. You tick the boxes of the services you would like to offer and you will only receive leads for these services. You can change this at any time by logging onto your account and going to the SERVICES tab.

To add new services, click the ADD SERVICE tab.

To remove services, please tick the box next to the ones you’d like to remove and click the bin icon at the top of the page.

YES. We have contractors who offer cleaning and carpet cleaning, or mowing and pressure cleaning. If you are qualified or have experience in multiple areas, we would love to have you offer all you can do. The more services you offer, the more leads you will receive. Please be aware that offering different divisions may mean you will be paying different lead fees. To check this, call the office on 1300 462 589 or email

Our call centre operators aren’t able to ask customers the size of the job or their budget. Some jobs will be big and some will be small and you are expected to treat all customers with the same level of attention no matter what the job size is.

Having said that, some services lean more toward large or small jobs. For example: ‘mow – ride on’ usually covers large acreage and ‘handyman – small odd jobs can cover jobs as small as hanging picture frames.

If you find a category you offer is consistently bringing you small jobs, you can delete it at any time.

We only give the lead to one contractor but the call centre is shown up to 4 contractors to choose from (if there are that many in that area). The 4 contractors shown are the ones with the highest star rating and who are paying the most for the lead fee. Star rating takes precedence over price paid up until 4.6 stars. For example, if there are 5 contractors, the 4 shown to the call centre will have the highest star rating – if they all have a star rating of 4.6 or above, the 4 paying the highest lead fee will be shown. If there is a contractor who has a 4-star rating and is paying more for a lead than someone with a 5-star rating, the 5-star rated contractor will get the lead.

To find out if someone is paying more for a lead fee in your area, go to the SERVICES page. If any of your suburbs/services boxes are red, this means you are unlikely to get leads due to either a) there being a franchisee in the area, or b) a Jim’s Plus contractor is paying more for the lead. To find out, hover over the red bid – if a message comes up saying ‘chances of leads in this area are low’ it means a franchisee is available and it doesn’t matter what your bid price is, they will always get the lead. If there isn’t a message, click on the blue pen icon and it will say the current lead fee being paid by another contractor. You don’t have to match this price and you may still receive leads at the lower price you are paying if this contractor receives his lead quota for the day or switches his leads off.

To be automatically notified of any time someone outbids you, log onto your account and go to the NOTIFICATIONS box on the homepage and set the toggle to ON.

Green suburbs/services mean you are able to receive leads for those areas/services.

Red suburbs/services mean there aren’t leads available at that time.

If you hover over the red bid box, you will either see a message that says ‘chances of leads low in this area’ which means there are enough franchisees in that area servicing the leads. No matter how much you bid, you won’t receive leads here as franchisees always take precedence. Having said that, this can change at any time. If that franchisee switches his leads off – on the weekend for example – these red bids will turn green.

Some red boxes don’t show this message. This means there is a Jim’s Plus contractor in the area paying a higher price for that lead. You can click the blue pen icon to see what the current lead fee is. You don’t have to pay this price and you may still receive leads in this area at the lower price you are offering if this contractor switches his leads off or reaching his lead quota for the day.

The availability times/days relate to when you are able to make a call to the contractor – not when you are available to work or quote. If you are happy to make calls to customers on the weekend, make yourself available on weekend. Our call centre is open from 6am until 9pm 7 days a week and we receive a lot of calls out of hours when people are home from work.

We strongly recommend you make yourself available for the full amount of time the call centre is open so you don’t miss any leads that come through.

Any call that comes through after 7pm, we tell the customer you will call before 10am the following day – so you just need to keep an eye on your phone until 7pm.

The number one reason for bad ratings is the customer not being called – if you call every customer in the two-hour timeframe, your chances of receiving complaints is greatly reduced.  Make sure you send a backup text message every time the customer doesn’t answer, as people rarely listen to their messages but will always see a text.  This will not only reduce complaints but will also increase your conversion rate.  You will receive text notification of any complaints you receive.  Please follow up every complaint with one of the below options:

  • If the complaint is incorrect, such as the customer says you didn’t call and you did, send a screenshot of the call or text you sent to the customer to and we will remove the rating. We must have a screenshot showing you called/texted in the two-hour timeframe.
  • If the complaint is correct, call the customer and try to fix the issue. Once the customer is happy, re-send the survey to the customer to re-do.  You can do this by logging onto your account and going to LEADS INFO, then LEADS.  Find the customers and click the ASK FOR REVIEW tab.

Your star rating is extremely important and determines the amount of leads you receive.  If there are other independent contractors in your area, the lead will always be sent to the one with the highest star rating.

At Bizza we deactivate any account that receives 2 x 1-star ratings for not calling the customer.  Also, any account that falls below 3.8 stars.

A rating survey is automatically sent to every customer we send you whether you do the work or not.  This is so we can find out if customers are being called.  The number 1 reason for bad ratings is the customer not being contacted – don’t let this happen to you.  You are the only person receiving this lead and the customer is waiting for your call.

If the customer doesn’t answer, ALWAYS send a backup text message as customers may not listen to their messages for days but will always see a text.  This will help you convert more leads. An example of the text could be:

‘Hi Mary, it’s John from John’s Mowing.  I received your details from Jim’s.  Please call me on 0411111111. Thanks’

Have this saved on your phone so it’s quick and easy for you to send to any customer who doesn’t answer.

You can also proactively send a rating survey to the customer when you complete the work.  To do this, log onto your account and go to LEADS INFO then select LEADS.  Find the customer you are with and click the blue ASK FOR RATING tab.  This will immediately send the customer a survey to rate you.  If you do this on the day the job is complete, you greatly increase your chance of them filling it out.

If the customer hasn’t provided an email or mobile number, please ask them to text you a rating out of 5 and you can send that rating to 0466 390 594 – with the customers’ name and suburb and we will enter it for you.

Also see FAQ – ‘What do I do if I get a Customer Complaint’

If your account has been deactivated without your request, it will most likely be due to your star rating falling below an acceptable level. We deactivate all accounts that fall below 3.8 stars or any account that receives 2 complaints for not calling the customer – regardless of the overall rating.

If you have forgotten your password, click FORGOT PASSWORD and reset it.

If you know your password and still can’t log in, try clearing your cache/cookies as your device may be saving old information.  If you are using your phone, delete the browser app and start again or turn your phone off which should clear the saved data.

If you still can’t log in, email us at or call 1300 462 589.

YES. Bizza has an app as well as a business management system which is also called Bizza. The business management sytem allows you to schedule jobs, sends reminders, can be used for quoting, invoicing and much more. You can use both the app and the management system, or just the app if you already using a system. Email and we will send you information on how to download.

If your lead payment fails, you still receive that lead but you won’t be able to receive further leads until that one is paid for.

You are sent a text letting you know the payment has failed. Click the link in the text which will take you to your account so you can retry the payment. You can also do this by logging onto your account and going to the ACCOUNT tab and then TRANSACTIONS. Click the blue RETRY PAYMENT tab.

Our system automatically tries to process the payment each morning at 6:30am for 5 days but it’s better to be proactive and process the payment yourself so you don’t miss out on other leads that are coming through.

NO unless you mark yourself as available for same day service. Only contractors who have a minimum 4 star rating can offer same day service.

If you mistakenly receive a lead for ‘same day’, please let us know and we’ll give you a free lead to cover it.

If you decide to take on same day work, we only send leads in the morning – until midday.

YES. Simply take a screenshot of the Voucher Number and send to along with the job invoice and your BSB/Account number. Once this information is received, the payment will be processed within 2 business days.