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Every year, the Bizza turns away around 180,000 customers because we don’t have a franchisee available to service the request.

That’s where Bizza comes in. We take these wasted leads and pass them to independent contractors so the customers are kept happy.

The leads come to you in real time and the lead is only sent to you. You are not competing with other contractors on our platform.

The customer knows you are an independent contractor so you are quoting your prices and promoting your business.

We give you three free leads when you enter your card details. Lead fees vary depending on the service provided and you will be told your lead fee before charges begin.

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How to Work

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How to Work

1. Say what you do & where

Bizza only wants to send you leads that you really value. But we need your help.

In this step, you can:

  • Select the services you offer

  • Choose the suburbs you want to work in

  • Consider any related services on Bizza that you can provide

Image of service selection using Bizza platform on desktop

2. Tell us when you want leads

In this step, you can:

  • Choose when you’re available to receive leads

    Please note that our call centre is open from 6am-9pm 7 days a week. We receive a large amount of calls after hours when people are home from work. You are not expected to work or quote after hours, you just need to make a phone call to the customer within the two hour timeframe to organise a suitable time. Any call that comes in after 7pm, we tell the customer you will call them before 10am the next morning, so you only have to keep an eye on your phone until 7pm. Please set your hours at the full amount of time the call centre is open so you don’t miss any leads.


  • Set the maximum number of leads you want per day

When you first join Bizza, you can receive up to three leads a day. However, you can elect to increase this limit once you have:

  • Been reviewed by at least 3customers

  • Achieved minimum star rating of 4 stars.


A few things…

We take customer service very seriously at Bizza. It is imperative that you call all customers we send you within a MAXIMUM of two hours, but the sooner the better. We are only giving the lead to you and the customer is waiting for your call. If they don’t answer, ALWAYS send a backup text message.  Customers will always see a text but may not listen to their voice messages for days.  This will help you convert more leads.

All customers are sent a survey to rate you, whether you do the job or not, so it’s important to call everyone. Contractors with the highest star rating receive the lead so it’s important to keep your star rating at high as possible.

Please watch this short video on how to register your Bizza account correctly so you get the most from it.

or call 1300 462 589 to speak
to our team