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‘Bizza has opened many doors for me.  My largest account was a lead from Bizza – $2,500 per month!  Plus numerous, regular clients.  A good deal for the cost of the lead.’

Tony McDuff, Kalkie Services
Bizza contractor since December 2020

‘We are amazed by how many extra leads are coming through.  Most leads are converted and customers are most always high end.  We are loving Bizza.

Rowan Clarke, Mownua Property Services NZ
Bizza contractor since September 2021

‘Great value add to any lawnmower business wanting to grow.  Just select the type of work you are willing to take on and the areas you want to work in.  Easy as that.’

Dean Clarke,
Bizza contractor since December 2020

Í am a contractor with Bizza and have been very happy with them from the start.  Plenty of leads and great customers ongoing.  I would suggest anyone looking for quality leads to sign up.  You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain.’

Damian Bishop, Legends of Lawn
Bizza contractor since December 2020

‘Í want to say thank you for starting Bizza.  I have been getting so much work off there, it’s hard to express my gratitude.  My business has grown tremendously, thanks to you.’

Cole Davids, Heaven on Earth Garden Services
Bizza contractor since August 2018

Every year, Jim’s turns away around 250,000 customers because we don’t have enough franchisees to service the demand.

That’s where Bizza comes in. We look for independent contractors to service areas where franchisees aren’t available – so we have a quality contractor helping the customer when we can’t.

YOU ARE THE ONLY PERSON WHO RECEIVES THE LEAD – you are not competing with other contractors on our platform.
The customer is told you are an independent contractor, so you are quoting your prices and promoting your business.

We give you three free leads to try the system when you enter your card details. Our system can’t allocate the free leads without card details, but there is no obligation to continue after the free leads if you’re not happy to.

You control how many leads you can take each week.


Because you are the only contractor receiving the lead – you MUST CALL EVERY CUSTOMER within two hours.

Our research shows that customers look elsewhere after two hours – but calling within 30 minutes is best.

If they don’t answer – you MUST ALWAYS SEND A BACKUP TEXT MESSAGE.

These days, many people don’t answer unknown numbers and they don’t check their voice messages – so you MUST send a back up text.

Following these two steps will optimise your lead conversions.


We don’t charge any ongoing fees – we only charge a lead fee.

Lead fees vary depending on the service you provide – you can call us on 1300 462 589 to find out the price of your service. Or register your business and we will call you and let you know before your account is activated.

If you would like a call from our team to further explain how we work and to let you know how many leads are available in your area, please click the I’D LIKE A CALL tab below and we will call you within 2 business hours.

If you would rather sign up yourself, please read the important tips below on how to register your business and then click the SIGN UP TODAY tab. It’s easy and takes 5 minutes.

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